Aurora above Greenland's fjords
Aurora above Kulusuk, East Greenland
Northern Lights above a Greenlandic house

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are truly one of the World's greatest natural wonders.  No photograph can prepare you for its unearthly dancing and swirling in the sky, and the dramatic colours and intensity of a strong display.  It can be seen throughout the Arctic, but areas around the middle of Greenland's coasts are some of the best in the world for spectacular and reliable displays.

Clear weather and dark skies are required to see the Aurora most clearly.  Therefore, winter and spring are the best times - don't expect to see it in the height of summer.  We have selected the following tours to give you the best chance of experiencing it.  They both take in the town of Kangerlussuaq on Greenland's west coast.  The town is on the ideal latitude for regular displays and its stable climate makes for skies that are often crystal clear.

These tours run regularly from November to March, and we have a number of tour lengths to suit your needs.  A wide selection of excursions are available at each destination to help you to experience the best of Greenland in addition to the Northern Lights.  Please remember that if you would prefer something different or if you have particular interests, then please get in touch and we can design a bespoke trip to meet your needs.

East Greenland and Iceland Adventure
A great chance to experience East Greenland, one of the world's most remote places where old traditions hold fast amongst an Arctic landscape of breathtaking beauty.  Combining this with the natural wonders of South Iceland and vibrant Reykjavik makes for an exciting tour in the far north.
6 day tour

Aurora & Polar Circle Adventure - Kangerlussuaq
Experience the Northern Lights on this tour to one of the best places in the world to do so.  A range of special excursions are available to experience this Arctic wilderness and its wildlife.
6 day tour        

Aurora & Icebergs - Ilulissat
A magical tour on Greenland's West Coast taking in the magnificent and world-famous icebergs of Ilulissat. Note that although Northern Lights may be seen in Ilulissat, they are perhaps not as reliable as in Kangerlussuaq.
7 day tour         

Read how the Northern Lights are formed - click here.  And see amazing Northern Lights photographs taken by our photographer Nick Russill.

Northern Lights above Greenlandic houses
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